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The Internet offers a quick, efficient way to request auto lease quotes from multiple dealers. We recommend clicking on each of the links below to harvest two or three quotes before setting off to do battle.

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Auto Leasing Hot-Line Service

For a small fee Leasing Hot-Line Service allows you to speak via toll free number to an trained specialist who will assist you in analyzing your lease. Leasing Hot-Line will help you with leases you are currently negotiating or a lease that you have already signed.   Here's what a recent customer had to say about the Leasing Hot-Line:

Using your service was money well spent. This is the first time in the 12 years that I have been buying cars that I left thinking I made a good deal. Your service prepared me to get a the best deal, I walked in to the dealership, gave them my price and an hour later I had a deal on my terms not theirs.

Thanks again for the help. I’m going to tell my friends.


Tom Dunn
Honeoye Falls, NY

Charles...thought i'd update you on the outcome of our leasing sojourn. When we got to the original priceline dealer who had the car and the agreed price you and I discussed, the gross cap cost was higher (the bank fee was rolled in). Although this didn't seem to matter, I remembered what you said and it seemed fishy. (priceline, it turns out, recommends a "fair" price for a car that is well over invoice and must take into account the symbiotic relationship they apparently have with dealers).

We requested another quote from autobytel and heard back rom another dealer. This time, I came in low ball 700 BELOW invoice. we haggled a bit, and we agreed on 500 below invoice and had a deal. We're picking up the car this weekend and are feeling fortunate to have spent the 43 bucks with you and to have a gotten a much better deal after becoming a bit more savvy about the pitfalls and deceptions that accompany leasing.


Jim Kamp

Leasing Hot-Line Services

  • Answer any questions you may have about your current or future lease.
  • Analyze any lease for potential overcharges, hidden fees, or other problems .
  • Determine the true APR for a lease.
  • Determine which is cheaper for your personal situation: Lease, Loan, or Cash (before tax basis).
  • Provide Invoice and MSRP for vehicle.
  • Identify any Factory to Customer Rebates and/or Factory-to-Dealer Incentives.
  • Black Book Residual Value Quote
  • Coaching on the process of negotiating.


  • Initial consultation
    • $25 for initial call up to 20 minutes.
    • $1 for each additional minute after 20 minutes
    • Most calls last about 30-35 minutes
  • Follow-up calls
    • $10 for each call up to 10 minutes
    • $1 for each additional minute after 10 minutes
  • Payment Options
    • Visa, MasterCard, or Discover

Make An Appointment

  • Call the Leasing Hot-Line to make an appointment: 800-418-8450. Most consultations are scheduled within an hour of calling.

Information You May Need
The more we know about your prospective lease deal, the better we will be able to analyze it. Here is a list of information that will be helpful for your consultation:

  • Vehicle Year, Make, and Model and list of desired options.
  • Agreed Upon Purchase Price/Value of the Vehicle
  • Gross Capitalized Cost of the Vehicle
  • Adjusted Capitalized Cost
  • Residual Value in Dollars
  • Window Sticker Price (Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price or MSRP)
  • Total Lease Charges To be Paid OR Money Factor
  • Break-Down of Total Out-Of-Pocket Cash Required At Signing

Note: The dealer is required by federal Regulation M (also known as the Consumer Leasing Act) to disclose of all of the above items except the money factor.