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The Truth About Leasing

"Leasing fraud is to auto dealers as lying is to politicians - only those with the highest integrity can resist doing it."
-- Anonymous

Most automotive web sites we have seen do a cursory job on the subject of leasing. That is, they define a few terms, give you a few pointers, bombard you with ads and send you on your way. Few will tell you what a sleazy business leasing really is. Although a little long winded, this article is intended to provide a candid and unsanitized overview of automobile leasing.

  • Part 1 - Something for Everyone
  • Part 2 - Crossing the Line,
    Why Haven't We Heard  More About This
  • Part 3 - Leasing Lessons,
    Class Action Suits
  • Part 4 - New Regulations,
    After All This Why Should I Consider Leasing


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