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The Internet offers a quick, efficient way to request auto lease quotes from multiple dealers. We recommend clicking on each of the links below to harvest two or three quotes before setting off to do battle.

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Top 10 Leasing ScamsTM
  1. Secret Price Hike
  2. Disappearing Trade
  3. Quote the Factor As APR
  4. Phony Lease/Buy Comparison
  5. The Undisclosed Acquisition Fee
  1. The Payoff Packing Scheme
  2. The Extended Warranty Rip-Off
  3. The Phantom Options Scam
  4. The Single-Payment Rip-Off
  5. Phony Lease Trade-in

Free Bonus Scam: The Call-Back Leasing Scam

1. Secret Price Hike

Many experts believe that this is the most common scam in leasing. Capitalizing on peoples trusting nature and aversion to complex financial calculations, the salespeople simply inflate the price of the vehicle before calculating the lease payment.

How it Works: You negotiate like a mad man for hours to get to a fair price on the vehicle. The salesman gripes and complains about losing his shirt on the deal and tells you what a great negotiator you are. He goes off to write up the papers, then presents a lease contract with a payment $30 higher than it should be. What happened? The salesman gave himself a nice fat bonus by adding $1000 to the price you negotiated before calculating the payment. Unless you check the numbers yourself, this secret price hike may go unnoticed, especially after many hours of haggling.

How to Prevent:  Before you begin negotiating, insist on disclose of the residual, money factor or interest rate, and any applicable fees, rebates, or incentives. After you agree upon a price for the vehicle, calculate the payment yourself. Be sure to account for any down payment, trade equity, rebates, incentives, taxes, and fees. If the payment on the contract does not agree with your calculations, do not sign anything. Once you sign the contract, it is very difficult (if not impossible) to change. The salesman may try to explain away the difference with lies such as, "The cap cost has no effect on the monthly payment." Or, "The difference is the interest on the lease."


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