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Auto Leasing Software Review - Expert Lease Pro
Expert Lease Pro Software  
Originally developed in 1992 by Chart Software founder Charles Hart, Expert Lease Pro has evolved into a sophisticated and powerful tool designed to give consumer the upper hand when negotiating automotive leases. Although designed for consumer use, the product is actively used by Attorney Generals in several states to prosecute car dealers and leasing companies for fraudulent lease practices. Expert Lease Pro is also used by many professionals car buying services and consultants as their main tool for negotiating deals.

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Software with new car prices, residuals, and rebates

  • Product: Expert Lease Pro

  • List Price: $69.95 Full Ver.
    $24.95 Lite Ver

  • Requires: Win 98, ME, NT, 2000, or XP; 32 MB

  • Company: Chart Software


Expert Lease Pro comes in full and "Lite" versions. The lite version offers the basic lease calculations and Black Book residuals, but doesn't include the new vehicle pricing, or the rich set of analysis capabilities found in the full version. For this review we put the full version through the paces.

At first glance we thought $69.95 was a lot to pay for this kind of product. But the more we looked at Expert Lease Pro the more we believe that it is money well spent. With it's extensive set of tools and data plus the free lease analysis, Expert Lease Pro has no equal. If you are at all considering leasing a new vehicle we highly recommend that you get Expert Lease Pro first.


  • Analyze both leases and loans.
  • Spot hidden fees and undisclosed costs.
  • Make sure that trade equity and cash down payments are properly credited.
  • Tell you which is cheaper: Lease, Loan or Cash.
  • Make Lease Comparisons.
  • Create tables of monthly payments
  • Look up Invoice and MSRP for any new vehicle including options.
  • National Auto Research Black Book Residuals are included for all new vehicles.
  • Includes CarDeals report which lists all rebates and factory-to-dealer incentives.

Expert Lease Pro is available from Chart Software for $69.95 and can be downloaded from their web site at

A "Lite" version of Expert Lease Pro is now available for $24.95. This version has many of the basic analysis capabilities as Expert Lease Pro but only includes Black Book new car residuals (no new car prices and rebate information). Click here for more info on the Lite version of Expert Lease Pro.