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Auto Leasing Software Review - Expert Lease Pro
Expert Lease Pro Software Review   

Data Package
Expert Lease Pro comes with an impressive array of new car data that is easily accessed with the software. This data includes invoice and retail prices from Chrome Systems, residual values from Black Book, and the CarDeals Rebate and Incentive Report from Center for Study of Services in Washington. Although the information comes from different companies, Chart does a nice job of bringing it all together in the program so that it is never more than a click or two away. 

Pricing out a vehicle with Expert Lease Pro is easy. Simply click on Select Vehicle in the Outlook-style menu bar, then browse by year, make, style, and model to the vehicle you desire. This enters the base vehicle description and pricing into the main screen. To configure the vehicle, click Select Options to view a list of available options and packages. Each item in the list had a detailed description with invoice and MSRP prices. To select or unselect an option simply double-click on it. Also included in the pricing module is available color combinations, detailed lists of standard equipment, technical specifications, and warranty information - a nice bonus feature that is not found in any competing products in this price range. It is interesting to note that this is the same new car data that is found in Chrome's much more expensive dealer software package, PC Carbook.

Residual values are a key element to any lease. Expert Lease Pro comes with Black Book Residuals for all new vehicles. This allows you to determine how good the dealer's residual is by comparing it to Black Book's published numbers. Looking up the Black Book residual is easy. Simply select the vehicle with the Select Vehicle button, then click Residuals, then Analysis from the menu bar. The residuals are provided as percentage of MSRP for 12, 24, 36, 48, and 60 months. If your lease is for an odd number of months, say 39 months, the software adjusts the values. Adjustments are also made for mileage and key options.

Rebates and factory-to-dealer incentives are provided in the CarDeals report. This publication includes all of the current rebates and incentives and their expiration date. This information is viewed by clicking on the Rebates button at the top of the Expert Lease Pro screen.

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