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Auto Leasing Software Review - Expert Lease Pro
Expert Lease Pro Software Review (cont.)   

Lease Analysis Capabilities
Where Expert Lease Pro really begins to shine is when it is used to analyze lease. The software is designed specifically to allow you to evaluate any specific lease deal. This is accomplished by selecting the vehicle and options, then specifying the terms of the lease such as purchase price,  factor, residual, months, and fees. The software then tells you payment and amount due at signing. For consumers, this powerful capability can be used in two ways:

1) To evaluate a proposed deal. Say you get the salesman to agree to a price of $200 over invoice. You are then told your payment is $399 a month with $2494 due at signing. So how do you know if this is correct based on what you and the salesman agreed to? Expert Lease Pro allows you to "reproduce" the deal in the software so that you can confirm or dispute the payment and amount due at signing. This requires you to obtain and enter specific details about the lease into the software. But when you are done you will have a clear picture of how much you are paying and where your money is going. Expert Lease Pro will also tell you the effective interest rate and how good the residual being used is. 

2) Negotiate a better deal. Once you get the proposed deal entered into the software, Expert Lease Pro helps you to identify the elements of the deal that should be better before you sign the dotted line. As you negotiate and win concessions, use the software to track the resulting change in the payment and amount due. This will keep the dealer from agreeing to say a lower price, then secretly changing something else to boost the payment back up. 

If all this sounds just too darn complicated, don't worry. One of the best things about this product is that help is only a toll-free call away. Yes that's right. You can call and speak to a real live human being and ask questions about how to use the software, how leasing works, or specific questions about your deal. Believe it or not, the people at Chart Software actually like talking directly to their customers - something that is increasingly rare for a software company.

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