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The Internet offers a quick, efficient way to request auto lease quotes from multiple dealers. We recommend clicking on each of the links below to harvest two or three quotes before setting off to do battle.

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 Extended Warranties

In most cases, extended warranties are not required when leasing (see our page on extended warranties). However, if you find yourself in a situation where you need to extend your vehicle's warranty, we recommend American Auto Warranties for the following reasons:

  1. Cost. Buying direct eliminates the middlemen who get healthy commissions (usually the dealership and salesman) and mark-ups for every contract sold.  Buying direct from American Auto Warranties can save you  up to 40% on the cost of an equivalent warranty from a dealer.

  2. Better Coverage. American Auto Warranties cover virtually any manufactured automobile and are one of the few that offer ‘Bumper to Bumper’ coverage even if the vehicles original manufacturer’s warranty has already expired. They have one of the most comprehensive programs for high mileage vehicles covering up to 138,000 miles on the odometer. This means that non-excluded parts are covered even if they wear out. Typically dealers offer mechanical breakdown protection which means parts are only covered if they break.

  3. Likely To Be Around In Five or Six Years. American Auto Warranty is underwritten by 1SourceAutoWarranty, leaders in the industry. All premiums collected are deposited into a premium reserve account that is regulated by the government. These monies are kept in reserve for the sole purpose of paying future claims. You can feel secure knowing that your claims will be taken care of for the life of your service agreement. In addition, all American Auto/1Source plans are Insured by PrimeGuard Insurance company and reinsured by an 'A' Rated Reinsurer - This means that in case 1Source should ever go out of business, our insurer will step in to handle all claims protecting you for the life of your contract.

  4. Per Repair Visit Deductibles. Your deductible is applied per repair visit. This means that regardless of the number of items that need repair, you will only pay your deductible once per repair visit. You may also select a $0.00 deductible option when you purchase your service agreement.

  5. Payment Method. American Auto Warranties pay the repair facility directly with it's company Visa or Mastercard. You do NOT have to pay for the repair up front then wait to be reimbursed.

  6. Get Your Car Repaired Anywhere. With American Auto Warranties, you can take your vehicle to any ASE licensed repair facility. (Any auto dealership, repair shop or private mechanic of your choice).

  7. Free On-Line Price Quotes. American Auto Warranties has completely automated the underwriting process that enables the consumer to obtain a warranty quote in less than 10 seconds.

  8. Higher Customer Satisfaction. Senior management has over 40 years of combined automotive experience and, in the warranty industry, has sold and administered well over 1,000,000 consumer warranties with one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry (customer satisfaction rating for claims is 97%!!).